Building Site Solutions

Construction sites are one of the major key environments which require heavy surveillance to monitor the constant work activities and for security and safety purposes. It also helps the managers and developers to maintain a constant vigil in determining the progress of the project.

When the work has been stopped for a while for various reasons and the site remains dormant for a while, the owner can monitor the site for any unusual or illegal activities and alert the authorities.

So installing CCTV cameras for construction sites is an essential prerequisite for the successful completion of the project. Commercial CCTV Cameras are essential in safeguarding your work environment.

Benefits of construction site cameras include

  • High definition night vision cameras
  • High-resolution footage
  • Complete perimeter detection
  • Footage can be crucial in providing evidence for the prosecution
  • Theft and vandalism prevention
  • High-resolution (up to 6144 x 2048, 12 megapixels)
  • Highly effective than manned supervision