Rapid Deployment Tower

Rapid Deployment & Temporary Site Solutions

It's an adaptive and smart security solution for remote monitoring in times of urgent surveillance needs and threats. It is widely applicable in preparing for emergencies, disaster crisis management, and also for disaster relief training scenarios.

It has proven effective in uncertain situations and can be operational within minutes to provide permanent and temporary surveillance without network infrastructure. It can be temporarily deployed at a construction site or to monitor large public or private gatherings.

Our Rapid Deployment Tower integrates an IR PTZ camera, multiple motion detectors, and audio speakers backed by high-end alarm monitoring and response, effectively eliminating the need for costly manned guarding. Its flexible methods of powering make it suitable for deployment in even the most remote locations, with a little-to-no requirement for supporting infrastructure.

  • Dynamic site protection and surveillance
  • Rapid deployment CCTV Tower
  • An effective alternative to manned-guarding
  • Wireless detectors for an invisible perimeter
  • Multiple powering options for peak flexibility
  • Battery back-up activated and alarm alert on disconnection
  • Industry-leading durable PTZ camera with IR capability
  • Smoke detection early warning system
  • GPS location info
  • Audio functionality
  • Shock, tilt and vibration alerts
  • Remote access to recorded footage
  • 4G, 3G, IP, GPRS, and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Remote access to recorded digital footage
  • Low battery alerts

The CCTV Camera Dubai Tower can be provided as a standalone solution or as part of a managed service pack – including survey, installation, monitoring, maintenance, redeployment and a key holder escalation. The Site Tower is available on a rental basis.

Safiya Ahmed

"Great technical knowledge and impeccable service. I highly recommend their service!"

Andre Silva

"The installation process was very quick and efficient. The whole process was flawless."

Remi Jawad

"Great team and outstanding security gadgets.Highly recommended!"